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KMatplot library Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
QSAxesBase graph object
QSAxes2DOrdinary XY axes
QSAxes3DOrdinary XYZ axes
QSAxesChildObject which have a parent axes
QSAxisSingle axis which can be added to QSAxes
QSCanvasDrvAbstract graphics driver
QSCAxesShadowSimple QSCObject wrapper around QSAxes
QSCGroupGroup of QSCObject s, which is also QSCObject
QSChildList< CHILD_OBJECT >Internal class
QSCLegendGraph legend Graph legend - it automatically displays items for all datasets in the parent graph.
QSCObjectBase class for canvas objects which can be displayed on a page
QSCObjectCollectionList of QSCObject's
QSConsoleSink for text messages generated by the library
QSContourAbstract base class for contour datasets
QSCoordBase class for point objects
QSCurveDataset: XY plot
QSDataObject which contains data ( list of matrices )
QSDrvAbstract extedned graphic driver
QSDrvHitTestImplementation of QSDrv for testing which graph element is at the given position
QSDrvOpenGLOpenGL 3d graphics driver
QSDrvQtImplementation of QSDrv for Qt
QSFigureDataset : 3D figure
QSGArrowArrow dart style definition
QSGAttrBase class for all graphics attributes
QSGColorColor definition
QSGFillFill definition
QSGFontFont definition
QSGGradientGradient style definition
QSGLineLine style definition
QSGPointPoint mark style definition
QSGraphicalDataData object which holds a set of graphics attributes such as fonts, fills, line styles etc
QSGriddedContourDataset : Draws contours over gridded data
QSImageDataset: Draws pixmaps
QSMatrixMatrix class contains data used by QSData
QSNonGriddedContourDataset: Draws contours over non-gridded data
QSObjectFactoryObject that creates and saves serializable objects
QSPageSingle page of QSWorkbook
QSPlotDataset, which can be diplayed using QSAxes
QSPlot2D2D Dataset
QSPlot3D3D Dataset
QSPlotViewView class for QSWorkbook document
QSProjectionBase class for 2D,3D world -> screen transformations
QSProjection2DImplementation of QSProjection for use in QSAxes2D
QSProjection3DImplementation of QSProjection for use in QSAxes3D
QSPt2The point on the screen
QSPt2fThe point on the screen with the floating-point coordinates
QSPt3The point in the 3D space
QSPt3fThe point in th 3D space with the floating-point coordinates
QSRectfRectangle with floating point coordinates
QSSBarsDefines an appearance of QSCurve. Draws simpl bars
QSSegmentDefines an appearance of QSCurve Base class
QSSelectionHolds a list of selected objects for QSPlotView
QSSerializableObject which can load or save its state into a stream
QSSFiguresDefines an appearance of QSCurve. Draws vectors, ellipses, rectangles, flux
QSSLinesDefines an appearance of QSCurve. Draws an ordinary curve
QSSPolysDefines an appearance of QSCurve. Draws area plots and ribbons
QSSStairsDefines an appearance of QSCurve. Draws stairs plots
QSSurfaceDataset: Draws 3d carpet plots
QSToolTool creates and edits QSCObject's on the canvas
QSWorkbookMain document class

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