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QSWorkbook Class Reference

Main document class. More...

#include <qsworkbook.h>

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void sigPageAdded (QSPage *o)
void sigPageRemoved (QSPage *o)
void sigPageOrder ()
void sigObjectAdded (QSCObject *o)
void sigObjectRemoved (QSCObject *o)
void sigObjectOrder ()
void sigPageListChanged ()
void sigPrinterChanged ()
void sigWorkbookChanged ()

Public Methods

 QSWorkbook (QObject *parent)
virtual ~QSWorkbook ()
int pageCount () const
virtual void clear ()
void print (QPainter *painter, QPrinter *printer, double dpi)
void pageAdd (QSPage *object)
void pageInsert (int position, QSPage *page)
void pageRemove (int index)
void pageDelete (int index)
void pageRaise (int index)
void pageLower (int index)
void pageToFront (int index)
void pageToBack (int index)
void pageReorder (int position, int index)
int pageFind (QSPage *page) const
QSPagepageFind (QSCObject *object) const
QSPagepage (int index) const
void setPrinter (QPrinter *printer)
QPrinter * printer () const

Detailed Description

Main document class.

Workbook holds a list of pages. Use QSPlotView to display documents on the screen.

Kamil Dobkowski

demo2d.cpp, and demo3d.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QSWorkbook::QSWorkbook QObject *    parent


virtual QSWorkbook::~QSWorkbook   [virtual]

Destructor. Deletes all pages. Doesn't delete printer()

Member Function Documentation

virtual void QSWorkbook::clear   [virtual]

Clears a workbook to the initial state

QSPage* QSWorkbook::page int    index const

Returns a page.

void QSWorkbook::pageAdd QSPage   object

Adds a new page.

int QSWorkbook::pageCount   const

Returns a number of pages in this workbook

void QSWorkbook::pageDelete int    index

Removes a page ad deletes it

QSPage* QSWorkbook::pageFind QSCObject   object const

Find page

int QSWorkbook::pageFind QSPage   page const

Returns an index of a page or -1 if it wasn't found.

void QSWorkbook::pageInsert int    position,
QSPage   page

Insert page at position 'beforePos'.

void QSWorkbook::pageLower int    index

Lowers a page

void QSWorkbook::pageRaise int    index

Raises a page.

void QSWorkbook::pageRemove int    index

Removes a page but doesn't delete it.

void QSWorkbook::pageReorder int    position,
int    index

Move page 'index' to position 'position'.

void QSWorkbook::pageToBack int    index

Sends a page to the back

void QSWorkbook::pageToFront int    index

Brings a page to the front.

void QSWorkbook::print QPainter *    painter,
QPrinter *    printer,
double    dpi

Print the whole workbook on the given printer.QPrinter - QPainter

QPrinter* QSWorkbook::printer   const [inline]

Returns a current printer

void QSWorkbook::setPrinter QPrinter *    printer

Set a printer. Page size and margins are used to display full page preview. The printer must be set each time its settings changes. Emits sigWorkbookChanged. printer is not deleted - the pointer still belongs to caller.

void QSWorkbook::sigObjectAdded QSCObject   o [signal]

Object added ( to any page )

void QSWorkbook::sigObjectOrder   [signal]

Order of objects changed. ( on any page )

void QSWorkbook::sigObjectRemoved QSCObject   o [signal]

Object removed ( from any page )

void QSWorkbook::sigPageAdded QSPage   o [signal]

Page added

void QSWorkbook::sigPageListChanged   [signal]

Page added/removed/reordered, page title has changed. Page tab bar needs refreshing.

void QSWorkbook::sigPageOrder   [signal]

Order of pages changed.

void QSWorkbook::sigPageRemoved QSPage   o [signal]

Page removed

void QSWorkbook::sigPrinterChanged   [signal]

Printer has changed.

void QSWorkbook::sigWorkbookChanged   [signal]

Page added/removed/reordered, page changed, page title changed, a new printer is set. Workbook is 'dirty' and needs to be saved when exiting.

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