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QSCLegend Class Reference

Graph legend Graph legend - it automatically displays items for all datasets in the parent graph.. More...

#include <qsclegend.h>

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Public Methods

 QSCLegend (QSAxes *parentAxes, QObject *parent=NULL)
virtual ~QSCLegend ()
virtual int style ()
virtual void draw (QSDrv *drv, bool blocking=true, bool transparent=true)
virtual void setBox (const QSRectf &r, QSDrv *drv)
virtual QSRectf box (QSDrv *drv)
virtual QString name ()
void setColumns (int columns)
int columns () const
void setAlign (int align)
int align () const
void setPos (const QSPt3f &pos)
void setPosX (double value)
void setPosY (double value)
void setPosZ (double value)
QSPt3f pos () const
double posX () const
double posY () const
double posZ () const
void setCoord (const QSPt3 &coordSystem)
void setCoordX (int coordSystem)
void setCoordY (int coordSystem)
void setCoordZ (int coordSystem)
QSPt3 coord () const
int coordX () const
int coordY () const
int coordZ () const
void setFont (const QSGFont &font)
void setFontProperty (const QString &data)
QSGFont font () const
QString fontProperty () const
void setFill (const QSGFill &fill)
void setFillProperty (const QString &data)
QSGFill fill () const
QString fillProperty () const
void setFrame (const QSGLine &line)
void setFrameProperty (const QString &data)
QSGLine frame () const
QString frameProperty () const
void setShadowFill (const QSGFill &fill)
void setShadowFillProperty (const QString &data)
QSGFill shadowFill () const
QString shadowFillProperty () const
void setShadowPos (const QSPt2 &shift)
void setShadowPosX (int shift)
void setShadowPosY (int shift)
QSPt2 shadowPos () const
int shadowPosX () const
int shadowPosY () const
virtual void loadStateFromStream (QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)
virtual void saveStateToStream (QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)

Protected Attributes

int m_columns
int m_align
QSPt3f m_pos
QSPt3 m_axis
QSGFont m_font
QSGFill m_fill
QSGLine m_frame
QSGFill m_shadow_fill
QSPt2 m_shadow_pos

Detailed Description

Graph legend Graph legend - it automatically displays items for all datasets in the parent graph..


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QSCLegend::QSCLegend QSAxes   parentAxes,
QObject *    parent = NULL

Constructor. parentAxes must exist ( must not be NULL ).

Member Function Documentation

virtual QSRectf QSCLegend::box QSDrv   drv [virtual]

Return a bounding box of the object. Result rect can be unnormalized ( size can be < 0 ) Drv is used to obtains size of text labels etc.

Reimplemented from QSCObject.

virtual void QSCLegend::draw QSDrv   drv,
bool    blocking = true,
bool    transparent = true

Requests a repaint operation. If blocking is false the driver is copied using QSDrv::copy(), this function returns and drawing is performed in the background

Implements QSCObject.

virtual void QSCLegend::loadStateFromStream QDataStream &    stream,
QSObjectFactory   factory

Saves all QObject properties

Reimplemented from QSCObject.

virtual QString QSCLegend::name   [virtual]

Returns an object's name ( for a list of object etc. )

Reimplemented from QSCObject.

virtual void QSCLegend::saveStateToStream QDataStream &    stream,
QSObjectFactory   factory

Restores all QObject properties

Reimplemented from QSCObject.

virtual void QSCLegend::setBox const QSRectf   r,
QSDrv   drv

Resize to canvas rect. Rect can be unnormalized ( size can be < 0 ). Drv ( its dpi value ) is used to map this values to mm's, calculating sizes of text labels, etc.

Reimplemented from QSCObject.

virtual int QSCLegend::style   [inline, virtual]

Returns a bitwise-OR of Style values. Informs the parent what actions on this object are allowed. Currently not used.

Reimplemented from QSCObject.

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