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QSPage Class Reference

Single page of QSWorkbook. More...

#include <qsworkbook.h>

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void sigTitleChanged (const QString &newTitle)
void sigPageChanged ()

Public Methods

 QSPage (QObject *parent=NULL)
virtual ~QSPage ()
void setTitle (const QString &title)
QString title () const
QSCObjectCollectionobjects () const
void paint (QPainter *p, double dpi, bool blocking=false)

Detailed Description

Single page of QSWorkbook.

Contains a list of QSCObjects. Most of its functionality is available through objects() collection. See also QSWorkbook.

Kamil Dobkowski

demo2d.cpp, and demo3d.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QSPage::QSPage QObject *    parent = NULL


virtual QSPage::~QSPage   [virtual]

Destructor. Deletes all objects on the page.

Member Function Documentation

QSCObjectCollection* QSPage::objects   const [inline]

Collection of objcects on this page.

void QSPage::paint QPainter *    p,
double    dpi,
bool    blocking = false

Prints the page on the painter. If drawing in background it duplicates painter for each object using QSDrvQt::copyPainter and each object is drawing itself in the background.

void QSPage::setTitle const QString &    title

Sets a title of this page. It appears on a tab. Does not emit sigPageChanged - emits sigTitleChanged instead.

void QSPage::sigPageChanged   [signal]

Page has changed ( the same as collection()sigChanged ). Does not include sigTitleChanged() It informs when page needs redrawnig.

void QSPage::sigTitleChanged const QString &    newTitle [signal]

Page title has changed

QString QSPage::title   const [inline]

Returns a title of this page.

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