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QSCanvasDrv::PixmapBuffer Struct Reference

#include <qsdrv.h>

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Public Attributes

unsigned char * ptr
int lo
int po
int co
int lines

Detailed Description

Pixmap buffer for the 2d graphics driver.

Member Data Documentation

int QSCanvasDrv::PixmapBuffer::co

Byte offset between two succesive channels (Red, Green, Blue)

int QSCanvasDrv::PixmapBuffer::lines

Buffer capacity in lines. It means that buffer length is at last: len=lines*lo.

int QSCanvasDrv::PixmapBuffer::lo

Byte ofseet between two succesive lines in memory. ( scanline length in bytes ).

int QSCanvasDrv::PixmapBuffer::po

Byte offset between two succesive pixels in memory.

unsigned char* QSCanvasDrv::PixmapBuffer::ptr

Pointer to the memory buffer, which will be filled with pixel values. Pixel at the position (x,y) has his position in memory calculated as below: char *ppos = ptr+y*lo+x*po or if it is RGB : char *rpos = ppos; char *gpos = rpos+co; char *bpos = gpos+co; Notice that all values: 'lo', 'po', 'co' may be lower than zero. Currently only RGB mode is supported.

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