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QSPlot3D Class Reference

3D Dataset. More...

#include <qsplot.h>

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Public Types

enum  FillElement { TMeshFill, BMeshFill }
enum  LineElement { MeshLine }
enum  PointElement { PointMark }

Public Methods

 QSPlot3D (QSAxes *parentAxes, const char *name=0)
virtual ~QSPlot3D ()
void setColored (bool enabled)
void setTopBottom (bool enabled)
void setAutoDivide (bool enabled)
void setEdgeAutoColor (int value)
void setClipping (bool clipping)
bool topBottom () const
bool autoDivide () const
int edgeAutoColor () const
bool clipping ()
bool colored () const
virtual void loadStateFromStream (QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)
virtual void saveStateToStream (QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)

Protected Methods

void drawPolygon (const QSPt3f pts[], int npoints, QSPt3f *norm, const double *values=NULL, const bool *edges=NULL)
virtual void allocRuntimeData ()
virtual void freeRuntimeData ()
virtual QSPt2f standardLegendItemSize (QSDrv *drv, QSAxis *axis, const QString &title)
virtual void drawStandardLegendItem (const QSPt2f &pos, QSDrv *drv, QSAxis *axis, const QString &title, const QSGGradient *gradient)

Protected Attributes

bool m_clipping
bool m_colored
int m_edge_auto_color
bool m_divide
bool m_topbottom
QSDrv::CNormals m_cnormals
QSDrv::CColors m_ccolors
QSDrv::COrdering m_corder

Detailed Description

3D Dataset.

Base class for all 3d datasets ( which draw 3d mesh ). Allows setting mesh parameters, which are used to initialize QSDrv and to draw 3d polygons with drawPolygon().

Kamil Dobkowski

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum QSPlot3D::FillElement

See QSGraphicalData::setFill()

enum QSPlot3D::LineElement

See QSGraphicalData::setLine()

enum QSPlot3D::PointElement

See QSGraphicalData::setPoint()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QSPlot3D::QSPlot3D QSAxes   parentAxes,
const char *    name = 0


virtual QSPlot3D::~QSPlot3D   [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void QSPlot3D::allocRuntimeData   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented. Inits m_ccolors, m_cnormals, m_corder

Reimplemented from QSPlot.

Reimplemented in QSFigure.

bool QSPlot3D::colored   const [inline]

Returns the current color setting.

void QSPlot3D::drawPolygon const QSPt3f    pts[],
int    npoints,
QSPt3f   norm,
const double *    values = NULL,
const bool *    edges = NULL

Draws a surface mesh. It is almost the same as QSDrv::drawPoly3(), but draws using a nice colored gradient ( divides polygon into levels ). If 'values' is not NULL draws 4D data, 'values' must be table with npoints elements int this case.

virtual void QSPlot3D::drawStandardLegendItem const QSPt2f   pos,
QSDrv   drv,
QSAxis   axis,
const QString &    title,
const QSGGradient   gradient
[protected, virtual]

Draws gradient legend

virtual void QSPlot3D::freeRuntimeData   [protected, virtual]

Called from end().Everyting which goes to end() may be put here.

Reimplemented from QSPlot.

Reimplemented in QSFigure.

virtual void QSPlot3D::loadStateFromStream QDataStream &    stream,
QSObjectFactory   factory

Restores all graphics atributes

Reimplemented from QSPlot.

Reimplemented in QSFigure.

virtual void QSPlot3D::saveStateToStream QDataStream &    stream,
QSObjectFactory   factory

Saves all graphics attributes

Reimplemented from QSPlot.

Reimplemented in QSFigure.

void QSPlot3D::setColored bool    enabled

Enables/disables coloring of the 3d mesh.

virtual QSPt2f QSPlot3D::standardLegendItemSize QSDrv   drv,
QSAxis   axis,
const QString &    title
[protected, virtual]

Draws gradient legend

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