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QSCObjectCollection Class Reference

List of QSCObject's. More...

#include <qscobject.h>

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void sigParametersChanging ()
void sigParametersChanged ()
void sigAdded (QSCObject *o)
void sigAdded (QSCObjectCollection *collection, QSCObject *o)
void sigRemoved (QSCObject *o)
void sigRemoved (QSCObjectCollection *collection, QSCObject *o)
void sigOrderChanged ()
void sigOrderChanged (QSCObjectCollection *collection)
void sigListChanged ()
void sigListChanged (QSCObjectCollection *collection)
void sigDataChildListChanged ()
void sigChanged ()
void sigDrawEnds ()

Public Methods

 QSCObjectCollection (QObject *parent=NULL, bool autoDelete=true)
 ~QSCObjectCollection ()
void setAutoUpdates (bool enable)
bool autoUpdates () const
bool isEmpty () const
int count () const
void clear ()
void add (QSCObject *newObject)
virtual void insert (int position, QSCObject *object)
virtual void remove (int index)
void removeDelete (int index)
void raise (int index)
void lower (int index)
void toFront (int index)
void toBack (int index)
void reorder (int position, int index)
int find (QSCObject *object) const
QSCObjectobject (int index) const
void paintSkeleton (QPainter *p, double dpi=72.0)
void paint (QPainter *p, double dpi=72.0, bool blocking=true, bool transparent=true)
void draw (QSDrv *drv, bool blocking=true, bool transparent=true)
bool busy () const
void stop ()
QSCObjectobjectAt (const QSPt2f &p, QSDrv *drv, bool recursive=false)
bool contains (QSCObject *object, bool recursive=false)
virtual void loadStateFromStream (QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)
virtual void saveStateToStream (QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)

Protected Methods

virtual void parametersChanging ()
virtual void parametersChanged ()
virtual void orderChanged ()
virtual void listChanged ()
virtual void changed ()
bool tempAutoUpdatesOff ()
void tempAutoUpdatesRestore (bool enable)

Protected Attributes

bool m_auto_updates
QSChildList< QSCObject > * m_objects

Detailed Description

List of QSCObject's.

Object collection- it holds a list of QSCObjects. QSCGroup and QSPage contains object collections. Selection in QSPlotView is also an object collection. See also: QSCObject

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QSCObjectCollection::QSCObjectCollection QObject *    parent = NULL,
bool    autoDelete = true

Constructor. set 'autoDelete' to false if you dont want objects to be deleted when collection is deleted or when callig 'removeDelete'.


Destructor. If autoDelete is true deletes all objects

Member Function Documentation

void QSCObjectCollection::add QSCObject   newObject

Adds a new object to the collection.

bool QSCObjectCollection::autoUpdates   const [inline]

Returns auto updates setting.

bool QSCObjectCollection::busy   const

Returns if there is a busy object in this group.

void QSCObjectCollection::clear  

Deletes ( if autoDelete is false - only removes ) all objects in collection.

bool QSCObjectCollection::contains QSCObject   object,
bool    recursive = false

Returns if selection contains given object

int QSCObjectCollection::count   const

Number of objects in collection.

void QSCObjectCollection::draw QSDrv   drv,
bool    blocking = true,
bool    transparent = true

Draws all object using the given driver. If blocking is false, driver is copied using QSDrv::copy() and each object gets its own driver object and draws itself in the background.

int QSCObjectCollection::find QSCObject   object const

Returns the position of the object 'object'.

virtual void QSCObjectCollection::insert int    position,
QSCObject   object

Insert object into the collection at the given position ( 0 - at the back, count() - at the front ).

Reimplemented in QSSelection.

bool QSCObjectCollection::isEmpty   const [inline]

Returns true if selection doesn't contain any object.

virtual void QSCObjectCollection::loadStateFromStream QDataStream &    stream,
QSObjectFactory   factory

Saves all objects

Reimplemented from QSSerializable.

void QSCObjectCollection::lower int    index

Lowers an object at the position 'index'.

QSCObject* QSCObjectCollection::object int    index const

Returns object at the position 'index'

QSCObject* QSCObjectCollection::objectAt const QSPt2f   p,
QSDrv   drv,
bool    recursive = false

Returns object at position 'p'.

void QSCObjectCollection::paint QPainter *    p,
double    dpi = 72.0,
bool    blocking = true,
bool    transparent = true

Paints all object. If 'blocking' is false painter is copied using QSDrvQt::copyPainter each object gets its own painter object, and paints itself in the background.

void QSCObjectCollection::paintSkeleton QPainter *    p,
double    dpi = 72.0

Paints skeletons of all objects.

void QSCObjectCollection::raise int    index

Raises an object at the position 'index'.

virtual void QSCObjectCollection::remove int    index [virtual]

Removes an object at the position 'index' from the collection

Reimplemented in QSSelection.

void QSCObjectCollection::removeDelete int    index

Removes an object at the position 'index' from the collection and deletes it ( if autoDelete is true ).

void QSCObjectCollection::reorder int    position,
int    index

Moves to position 'position' an object at the position 'index'.

virtual void QSCObjectCollection::saveStateToStream QDataStream &    stream,
QSObjectFactory   factory

Loads all objects

Reimplemented from QSSerializable.

void QSCObjectCollection::setAutoUpdates bool    enable

Blocks / Enables and sends sigListChanged and sigChanged

void QSCObjectCollection::sigAdded QSCObjectCollection *    collection,
QSCObject   o

Object added to the collection 'collection' ( which is this collection or the collection of any QSCGroup object in this collection ).

void QSCObjectCollection::sigAdded QSCObject   o [signal]

Object added.

void QSCObjectCollection::sigChanged   [signal]

Object on the list changed. Collection needs redrawing

void QSCObjectCollection::sigDataChildListChanged   [signal]

Emitted when QSData child object list ( QSAxis and QSPlot are child objects of QSAxes ) has changed. Emmitted for all QSData objects ( QSAxes ) in this collection. I really needed such signal.

void QSCObjectCollection::sigDrawEnds   [signal]

Draw ends.

void QSCObjectCollection::sigListChanged QSCObjectCollection *    collection [signal]

Object list changed.

void QSCObjectCollection::sigListChanged   [signal]

Object list changed.

void QSCObjectCollection::sigOrderChanged QSCObjectCollection *    collection [signal]

Order of objects changed ( including all grouped object )

void QSCObjectCollection::sigOrderChanged   [signal]

Object raised, lowered, reordered.

void QSCObjectCollection::sigParametersChanged   [signal]

Emitted after collection was changed

void QSCObjectCollection::sigParametersChanging   [signal]

Emitted before collection is changed

void QSCObjectCollection::sigRemoved QSCObjectCollection *    collection,
QSCObject   o

Object added to the collection 'collection'.

void QSCObjectCollection::sigRemoved QSCObject   o [signal]

Object removed from this collection

void QSCObjectCollection::stop  

Stops drawing.

void QSCObjectCollection::toBack int    index

Sends to back an object at the position 'index'.

void QSCObjectCollection::toFront int    index

Brings to front an object at the position 'index'.

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