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QSSegment Class Reference

Defines an appearance of QSCurve Base class. More...

#include <qssegment.h>

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Public Methods

 QSSegment ()
virtual ~QSSegment ()
virtual int startDraw (const QSCurve *)
virtual void initPass (int pass)
virtual void drawSegment (int nr, const QSPt2f &point, const QSPt2f &delta, const QSGLine &l, const QSGFill &f, const QSGArrow &a1, const QSGArrow &a2)=0
virtual void endPass ()
virtual void stopDraw ()

Protected Attributes

const QSCurvem_parent

Detailed Description

Defines an appearance of QSCurve Base class.

Draws a single element of QSCurve. It can be reimplemented to draw Bars, Vectors, etc, see QSCurve::setPObject. startDrawing() is always called before the drawing begins, endDrawing() is called after drawing is finished. When drawing initPass() is called and next drawSegment() method is called for each datapoint, finally endPass() in invoked and this operation is repeated a few times ( as requested by startDraw() return value )..

Kamil Dobkowski

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



virtual QSSegment::~QSSegment   [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void QSSegment::drawSegment int    nr,
const QSPt2f   point,
const QSPt2f   delta,
const QSGLine   l,
const QSGFill   f,
const QSGArrow   a1,
const QSGArrow   a2
[pure virtual]

Draws a single point of the data

Implemented in QSSLines.

virtual void QSSegment::endPass   [inline, virtual]

Ends pass

Reimplemented in QSSLines.

virtual void QSSegment::initPass int    pass [virtual]

Inits pass

Reimplemented in QSSLines.

virtual int QSSegment::startDraw const QSCurve   [virtual]

Returns the requested number of passes.

Reimplemented in QSSLines.

virtual void QSSegment::stopDraw   [inline, virtual]

Ends drawing

Reimplemented in QSSLines.

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