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QSChildList Class Template Reference

Internal class. More...

#include <qschildlist.h>

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Public Methods

 QSChildList (bool autoDelete=true)
 ~QSChildList ()
void setPos (int index)
int pos () const
CHILD_OBJECT * current () const
bool isValidPos () const
int count () const
void add (CHILD_OBJECT *object)
void insert (int before_pos, CHILD_OBJECT *object)
CHILD_OBJECT * remove (int index)
void del (int index)
void toFront (int index)
void toBack (int index)
void raise (int index)
void lower (int index)
void reorder (int position, int index)
int find (CHILD_OBJECT *object) const
CHILD_OBJECT * operator[] (int index) const
bool valid (int index) const
bool autoDelete () const

Detailed Description

template<class CHILD_OBJECT>
class QSChildList< CHILD_OBJECT >

Internal class.

Class intended for internal use as a internal child list for QSData objects. You can also remember one iterator position, see setPosition() position(), current(). All object must not be allocated on a stack. This list doesn't allow NULL memebers.

Kamil Dobkowski

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