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QSGGradient Class Reference

Gradient style definition. More...

#include <qsgattr.h>

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Public Types

enum  Type {
  GDefault, GGray, GStrange, GTwoColors,

Public Methods

 QSGGradient (Type t=GDefault)
 QSGGradient (const QSGFill &f0, const QSGFill &f4)
 QSGGradient (const QSGFill &f0, const QSGFill &f1, const QSGFill &f2, const QSGFill &f3, const QSGFill &f4, Type t=GFiveColors)
virtual ~QSGGradient ()
virtual QSGFillfill (double level, QSGFill &fill) const
virtual bool isEqualTo (const QSGGradient &gradient) const
QSGFill fill (int nr) const
Type type () const

Protected Methods

void set_default_colors ()

Protected Attributes

Type t
QSGFill f [5]
bool m_all_colors


bool operator== (const QSGGradient &, const QSGGradient &)
bool operator!= (const QSGGradient &, const QSGGradient &)
QString toQString (const QSGGradient &arrow)
QSGGradient toQSGGradient (const QString &string)

Detailed Description

Gradient style definition.

Gradient is an object which returns a fill style for each parameter value between 0.0 and 1.0, see fill()


Member Function Documentation

virtual QSGFill& QSGGradient::fill double    level,
QSGFill   fill
const [virtual]

Sets 'fill' argument to some fill style for level values between 0.0 and 1.0. Returns 'fill'

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