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QSAxis Class Reference

Single axis which can be added to QSAxes. More...

#include <qsaxis.h>

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Public Types

enum  AxisScale { LinearScale, LogScale }
enum  AxisRange { RangeSet, RangeVisible, RangeData }
enum  AxisType {
  XAxisType, YAxisType, ZAxisType, VAxisType,
enum  Channels { TicsChannel = 0, LineStyles = 1, FontStyles = 2, FillStyles = 3 }
enum  LineElement { AxisLine = 0, MajorGridLine, MinorGridLine }
enum  FontElement { TitleFont = 0, TicsFont }

Public Methods

 QSAxis (AxisType type, QSAxes *parentAxes, const char *name=0)
virtual ~QSAxis ()
double dataToWorld (double value) const
double worldToData (double value) const
AxisType type () const
void setVisible (bool enabled)
void setOppositePosition (bool enabled)
void setDefaultPosition (bool enabled)
void setReversed (bool reversed)
void setScrollable (bool enabled)
bool visible () const
bool oppositePosition () const
bool defaultPosition () const
bool reversed () const
bool scrollable () const
void setArrow1 (const QSGArrow &arrow)
void setArrow2 (const QSGArrow &arrow)
QSGArrow arrow1 () const
QSGArrow arrow2 () const
void setRange (double min, double max)
void setRangeMin (double min)
void setRangeMax (double max)
void setScale (AxisScale scale, double base=10.0)
void setScaleType (int scale)
void setScaleBase (double base)
void setPosition (double pos)
double min (AxisRange type=RangeSet) const
double max (AxisRange type=RangeSet) const
double rangeMin () const
double rangeMax () const
double scaleBase () const
int scaleType () const
double position () const
void setGridStep (double major=-4.0, double minor=-20.0)
void setMajorGridStep (double step)
void setMinorGridStep (double step)
double majorGridStep () const
double minorGridStep () const
const list< QSAxisTic > * tics () const
const QSAxisTic & lastTic () const
void setTicsVisible (bool visible)
void setTicsOuter (bool enabled)
void setTicsFormat (const QString &format)
void setTicsAngle (int angle)
void setRoundRangeToTicStep (bool enabled)
QString ticsFormat () const
int ticsAngle () const
bool ticsVisible () const
bool ticsOuter () const
bool roundRangeToTicStep () const
void setTicLabelPos1 (double pos)
void setTicLabelPos2 (double pos)
double ticLabelPos1 () const
double ticLabelPos2 () const
void setTitlePosition (double value)
void setTitleDistance (double value)
double titlePosition () const
double titleDistance () const
void sprintfTic (QString &buffer, double value, const QString &format=QString::null)
virtual void rememberCurrentView (int index)
virtual void setRememberedView (int index)
void set_arrow1_property (const QString &data)
void set_arrow2_property (const QString &data)
QString arrow1_property () const
QString arrow2_property () const
virtual ColumnType columnType (int channel, int column) const
virtual void loadStateFromStream (QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)
virtual void saveStateToStream (QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)

Static Public Methods

void sprintfTic (QString &buffer, const QString &format, double value, double factor, double base, double exponent)

Public Attributes

axis_remembered_view_t rememberedViews [3]

Static Public Attributes

const double minLogValue
const double minScaleBase
const double minRangeValue
const double maxRangeValue
const double minRange

Protected Methods

virtual void initAxis (double dataMin, double dataMax, bool isData=true)

Detailed Description

Single axis which can be added to QSAxes.

Axis. Its main funtion is to map values from data coordinates to world coordinates ( visible range on the axis is mapped to <0,1> ) - see dataToWorld() and from world coordinates to data - see worldToData(). It can also calculate its auto range and tic mark positions, see tics(). initAxis() forces to recalculate all parameters. QSAxes object holds a list of QSAxis child objects. See also QSAxes::CoordinateSystem

Kamil Dobkowski

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum QSAxis::AxisRange

Requested axis range. See min()

enum QSAxis::AxisScale

The axis scale.

enum QSAxis::AxisType

Type of the axis.

enum QSAxis::Channels


enum QSAxis::FontElement

Font elements.

enum QSAxis::LineElement

Line elements.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QSAxis::QSAxis AxisType    type,
QSAxes   parentAxes,
const char *    name = 0

Constructor. You have to add the axis to the parent child list immediately - see QSAxes::axisAdd()

virtual QSAxis::~QSAxis   [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

QSGArrow QSAxis::arrow1   const [inline]

Returns a begging arrow style

QSGArrow QSAxis::arrow2   const [inline]

Sets an ending arrow style.

virtual ColumnType QSAxis::columnType int    channel,
int    column
const [virtual]

Metadata - type of the given column. It should be reimplemented in derived classes. Used to create editors in sheet

Reimplemented from QSData.

double QSAxis::dataToWorld double    value const

Maps value from an visible axis range to <0,1>. See QSAxes::CoordinateSystem

bool QSAxis::defaultPosition   const [inline]

Returns if axis is placed at a default position.

virtual void QSAxis::initAxis double    dataMin,
double    dataMax,
bool    isData = true
[protected, virtual]

This function is called by parent axes each time plot is repainted. It should calculate range, coordinate mappings and tic positions.

const QSAxisTic& QSAxis::lastTic   const [inline]

For internal use. Only

virtual void QSAxis::loadStateFromStream QDataStream &    stream,
QSObjectFactory   factory

Restores all graphics atributes

Reimplemented from QSGraphicalData.

double QSAxis::majorGridStep   const [inline]

Returns a major grid step/density.

double QSAxis::max AxisRange    type = RangeSet const

Returns the axis range . See min()

double QSAxis::min AxisRange    type = RangeSet const

Returns the axis range . Notice that 'RangeSet' may be different from 'RangeVisible'. If you set range to <-10, 10> and turn on 'LogScale' the visible range will be <minLogValue,10>. 'RangeVisible' and 'RangeData' are calculated when plot is redrawn the first time ( parent axes object calls initAxis() ), so returned values may be invalid sometimes. You can call parentAxes()->initMappings() to force recalculation of ranges immediately.

double QSAxis::minorGridStep   const [inline]

Returns a minor grid step/density.

bool QSAxis::oppositePosition   const [inline]

Returns whether the axis is placed on the opposite side.

double QSAxis::position   const [inline]

Returns the current position.

double QSAxis::rangeMax   const [inline]

Returns the axis range . See min()

double QSAxis::rangeMin   const [inline]

Returns the axis range . See min()

virtual void QSAxis::rememberCurrentView int    index [virtual]

Remembered view contains such parameters as axis min ,axis max, axis scale, axis reversed. Up to four different views can be remembered ( index must be in 0-3 ).

bool QSAxis::reversed   const [inline]

Turns on a reversed direction on a given axis.

bool QSAxis::roundRangeToTicStep   const [inline]

Returns the adjust setting.

virtual void QSAxis::saveStateToStream QDataStream &    stream,
QSObjectFactory   factory

Saves all graphics attributes

Reimplemented from QSGraphicalData.

double QSAxis::scaleBase   const [inline]

Returns the current scale base.

int QSAxis::scaleType   const [inline]

Returns the current scale type.

bool QSAxis::scrollable   const [inline]

Returns a scrollable state

void QSAxis::setArrow1 const QSGArrow   arrow

Sets a beginng arrow style.

void QSAxis::setArrow2 const QSGArrow   arrow

Sets an ending arrow style

void QSAxis::setDefaultPosition bool    enabled

Places an axis at a default position ( opposite or not ).

void QSAxis::setGridStep double    major = -4.0,
double    minor = -20.0

Sets a new grid density.

void QSAxis::setMajorGridStep double    step

Sets a new grid step/density.

void QSAxis::setMinorGridStep double    step

Sets a new grid step/density.

void QSAxis::setOppositePosition bool    enabled

Places an axis on the opposite side.

void QSAxis::setPosition double    pos

Sets a position of the given axis in world coordinates.

void QSAxis::setRange double    min,
double    max

Sets the range of the given axis to '< min, max >'. If 'min' == 'max', auto range is turned on.

void QSAxis::setRangeMax double    max

Sets the range of the given axis to '< min, max >'. If 'min' == 'max', auto range is turned on.

void QSAxis::setRangeMin double    min

Sets the range of the given axis to '< min, max >'. If 'min' == 'max', auto range is turned on.

virtual void QSAxis::setRememberedView int    index [virtual]

Sets the view properties

void QSAxis::setReversed bool    reversed

Reverse direction of an axis.

void QSAxis::setRoundRangeToTicStep bool    enabled

Adjust range for the given axis to contain an whole number of tic marks.

void QSAxis::setScale AxisScale    scale,
double    base = 10.0

Sets the axis scale type.

void QSAxis::setScaleBase double    base

Sets the axis scale type.

void QSAxis::setScaleType int    scale

Sets the axis scale type.

void QSAxis::setScrollable bool    enabled

Sets if this axis should be scrolled when scrollbars are moved in a plot view..

void QSAxis::setTicLabelPos1 double    pos

Sets the distance from the axis of the odd tic labels.

void QSAxis::setTicLabelPos2 double    pos

Sets the distance from the axis of the even tic labels.

void QSAxis::setTicsAngle int    angle

Sets the angle of the tic label.

void QSAxis::setTicsFormat const QString &    format

Sets the tics print format for the given axis.

void QSAxis::setTicsOuter bool    enabled

Outer or inner tic marks..

void QSAxis::setTicsVisible bool    visible

Sets lengths of tics.

void QSAxis::setTitleDistance double    value

Sets the distance of the title from the axis

void QSAxis::setTitlePosition double    value

Sets the position of the title ( parallel to the axis )

void QSAxis::setVisible bool    enabled

Hides/shows an axis

void QSAxis::sprintfTic QString &    buffer,
const QString &    format,
double    value,
double    factor,
double    base,
double    exponent

Makes a text of the tic with value 'value' with format 'format' and writes it to 'buffer'.

void QSAxis::sprintfTic QString &    buffer,
double    value,
const QString &    format = QString::null

Makes a text of the tic with value 'value' on axis 'axis' and writes it to 'buffer'.

double QSAxis::ticLabelPos1   const [inline]

Returns the distance from the axis of the odd tic labels.

double QSAxis::ticLabelPos2   const [inline]

Returns the distance from the axis of the even tic labels.

const list<QSAxisTic>* QSAxis::tics   const [inline]

Tics are generated each time 'initAxis' is called.

int QSAxis::ticsAngle   const [inline]

Returns the tic label angle

QString QSAxis::ticsFormat   const [inline]

Returns the label format.

bool QSAxis::ticsOuter   const [inline]

Outer or inner tic marks

bool QSAxis::ticsVisible   const [inline]

Returns a major tic's length.

double QSAxis::titleDistance   const [inline]

Returns the distance of the title from the axis

double QSAxis::titlePosition   const [inline]

Returns the position of the title ( parallel to the axis )

AxisType QSAxis::type   const [inline]

Returns the axis type.

bool QSAxis::visible   const [inline]

Returns if the axis is visible

double QSAxis::worldToData double    value const

Maps a value from <0,1> to visible axis range. See QSAxes::CoordinateSystem

Member Data Documentation

const double QSAxis::maxRangeValue [static]

Maximum value shown on the axis. Default is 1e200

const double QSAxis::minLogValue [static]

Minimum logarithm value. Default is 1e-200

const double QSAxis::minRange [static]

Minimum rangeMax-rangeMin Default 1e-200

const double QSAxis::minRangeValue [static]

Minimum value shown on the axis. Default is -1e200

const double QSAxis::minScaleBase [static]

Minimum value of the logarithm base. Default is 1.001

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