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QSMatrix Member List

This is the complete list of members for QSMatrix, including all inherited members.
channel() constQSMatrix [inline]
cols() const=0QSMatrix [pure virtual]
copyRange(int row, int col, QSMatrix *src, int srcStartRow, int srcStartCol, int srcEndRow, int srcEndCol)QSMatrix
dataChanged()QSMatrix [virtual]
dataChanging()QSMatrix [virtual]
dataObject() constQSMatrix [inline]
isEditable() constQSMatrix [virtual]
isReference() constQSMatrix [virtual]
isString() constQSMatrix [virtual]
loadStateFromStream(QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)QSMatrix [virtual]
m_channel (defined in QSMatrix)QSMatrix [protected]
m_data_object (defined in QSMatrix)QSMatrix [protected]
operator=(const QSMatrix &) (defined in QSMatrix)QSMatrix [protected]
QSMatrix(const QSMatrix &) (defined in QSMatrix)QSMatrix [protected]
resize(int rows, int cols)QSMatrix [virtual]
rows() const=0QSMatrix [pure virtual]
saveStateToStream(QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)QSMatrix [virtual]
setDataObject(QSData *data, int channel)QSMatrix [virtual]
setString(int row, int col, const QString &string)QSMatrix [virtual]
setValue(int row, int col, double value)QSMatrix [virtual]
string(int row, int col)QSMatrix [inline, virtual]
transpose()QSMatrix [inline, virtual]
value(int row, int col)=0QSMatrix [pure virtual]
~QSMatrix()QSMatrix [virtual]
~QSSerializable()QSSerializable [virtual]

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