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QSDrvQt Member List

This is the complete list of members for QSDrvQt, including all inherited members.
align_rect(const QRect &r, int align) (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
beginPolyline(const QSPt2f &pos)QSDrvQt [virtual]
beginPolyline2(const QSPt2f &pos)QSDrv [virtual]
bottomFill() constQSDrv [inline]
cColors() constQSDrv [inline, virtual]
CColors enum nameQSDrv
clearCanvas(const QSGFill &f, const QSPt2f &pos, const QSPt2f &size)QSDrvQt [virtual]
clip_poly(const QSPt2f *pts, int npoints, const bool edges[]) (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
clip_poly(const QSPt3f *pts, int npoints, const bool edges[]) (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
clipping() constQSDrv [inline]
cNormals() constQSDrv [inline, virtual]
CNormals enum nameQSDrv
copy()QSDrvQt [virtual]
copyPainter(const QPainter *painter)QSDrvQt [static]
copySettingsFrom(const QSDrvQt *drv)QSDrvQt
QSDrv::copySettingsFrom(const QSDrv *drv)QSDrv
cOrdering() constQSDrv [inline, virtual]
COrdering enum nameQSDrv
currentCategory() constQSDrv [inline]
currentElement() constQSDrv [inline]
currentFill()QSDrvQt [virtual]
currentFont()QSDrvQt [virtual]
currentLine()QSDrvQt [virtual]
currPolylinePos()QSDrvQt [inline, virtual]
currPolylinePos2()QSDrv [virtual]
defpatterns (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected, static]
deletePainter() constQSDrvQt [inline]
dpi (defined in QSCanvasDrv)QSCanvasDrv
drawArrow(const QSPt2f &p1, const QSPt2f &p2, const QSGArrow &p1style, const QSGArrow &p2style)QSCanvasDrv [virtual]
drawArrow2(const QSPt2f &p1, const QSPt2f &p2, const QSGArrow &p1style, const QSGArrow &p2style)QSDrv [virtual]
drawDart(const QSPt2f &pos, double angle, const QSGArrow &style)QSCanvasDrv [virtual]
drawDart2(const QSPt2f &pos, double angle, const QSGArrow &style)QSDrv [virtual]
drawEllipse(const QSPt2f &p1, const QSPt2f &p2)QSDrvQt [virtual]
drawEllipse2(const QSPt2f &p1, const QSPt2f &p2)QSDrv [virtual]
drawLine(const QSPt2f &one, const QSPt2f &two)QSDrvQt [virtual]
drawLine2(const QSPt2f &one, const QSPt2f &two)QSDrv [virtual]
drawLine3(const QSPt3f &begin, const QSPt3f &end, const QSPt3f norm[2])QSDrv [virtual]
drawPixmap(const QSPt2f &pos, PixmapBuffer *data)QSDrvQt [virtual]
drawPoint(const QSPt2f &pos, const QSGPoint &style)QSCanvasDrv [virtual]
drawPoint2(const QSPt2f &pos, const QSGPoint &style)QSDrv [virtual]
drawPoint3(const QSPt3f &pos, const QSGPoint &point)QSDrv [virtual]
drawPoly(const QSPt2f pts[], int npoints, const bool edges[]=NULL, int edgeAutoColor=0)QSDrvQt [virtual]
drawPoly2(const QSPt2f pts[], int npoints, const bool edges[]=NULL, int edgeAutoColor=0)QSDrv [virtual]
drawPoly3(const QSPt3f pts[], int npoints, const QSPt3f *norm, const QSGFill *colors, const bool edges[]=NULL, int edgeAutoColor=0)QSDrv [virtual]
drawPolylineTo(const QSPt2f &pos)QSDrvQt [virtual]
drawPolylineTo2(const QSPt2f &pos)QSDrv [virtual]
drawRect(const QSPt2f &p1, const QSPt2f &p2)QSDrvQt [virtual]
drawRect2(const QSPt2f &p1, const QSPt2f &p2)QSDrv [virtual]
drawRText(const QSPt2f &pos, int angle, const QString &text, int align=AlignLeft|AlignBottom)QSDrvQt [virtual]
drawRText2(const QSPt2f &pos, int angle, const QString &text, int align=AlignLeft|AlignBottom)QSDrv [virtual]
drawRTextBox(const QSPt2f &pos, int angle, const QString &text, int align=AlignLeft|AlignBottom)QSCanvasDrv [virtual]
drawRTextBox2(const QSPt2f &pos, int angle, const QString &text, int align=AlignLeft|AlignBottom)QSDrv [virtual]
drawText(const QSPt2f &pos, const QString &text, int align=AlignLeft|AlignBottom)QSDrvQt [virtual]
drawText2(const QSPt2f &pos, const QString &text, int align=AlignLeft|AlignBottom)QSDrv [virtual]
drawText3(const QSPt3f &pos, const QString &text, int align=AlignLeft|AlignBottom)QSDrv [virtual]
endPolyline()QSDrvQt [virtual]
endPolyline2()QSDrv [virtual]
FurtherFirst enum value (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv
getPixmapBuffer(PixmapBuffer *buff, int pwidth, int pheight)QSDrvQt [virtual]
getRTextBoundingPoly(QSPt2f outPts[4], const QSPt2f &pos, int angle, const QString &text, int align=AlignLeft|AlignBottom)QSDrvQt [virtual]
m_bottom_fill (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_category (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_cedges (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_cfill (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_clipping (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_cpts2 (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_cpts3 (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_curr_font (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_curr_pen (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_curr_polyline_pattern (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_curr_polyline_pattern_length (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_curr_polyline_pos (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_curr_polyline_style (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_curr_polyline_t (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_delete_painter (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_edge_array (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_element (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_line (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_max_cedges (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_max_cpts2 (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_max_cpts3 (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_max_pts (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_ncpts2 (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_ncpts3 (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_paint (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_pixmap (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
m_polyline_label_pos (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_polyline_label_size (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_pts (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_t (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_top_bottom (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
m_vert_array (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
map_to_screen(const QSPt2f *pts, int npoints) (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
map_to_screen(const QSPt3f *pts, int npoints) (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv [protected]
MeshColor enum value (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv
MeshNormal enum value (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv
NearerFirst enum value (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv
NoNormals enum value (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv
NoOrdering enum value (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv
painter() constQSDrvQt [inline]
projection() constQSDrv [inline]
rTextSize(int angle, const QString &text)QSCanvasDrv [virtual]
set_auto_pen(int autoColor) (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [protected]
setBottomFill(const QSGFill &fill)QSDrv [virtual]
setClipping(bool enabled)QSDrv [virtual]
setCurrentElement(int category, int element)QSDrv [virtual]
setDC(QPainter *p, double dpi=72.0, bool deletePainter=false)QSDrvQt [virtual]
setFill(const QSGFill &f)QSDrvQt [virtual]
setFont(const QSGFont &f)QSDrvQt [virtual]
setLine(const QSGLine &l)QSDrvQt [virtual]
setPolylineLabelPlace2(const QString &label, const QSPt2f &label_place, int label_angle)QSDrv [virtual]
setProjection(const QSProjection *t)QSDrv [virtual]
setTopBottom(bool enabled)QSDrv [virtual]
startDrawing()QSDrvQt [virtual]
stopDrawing()QSDrvQt [virtual]
textSize(const QString &text)QSDrvQt [virtual]
toInt(double value) (defined in QSDrvQt)QSDrvQt [inline, protected]
topBottom() constQSDrv [inline]
toPixels(double points)QSCanvasDrv [inline]
toPoints(double pixels)QSCanvasDrv [inline]
toQBrush(const QSGFill &f)QSDrvQt [static]
toQColor(const QSGColor &c)QSDrvQt [static]
toQFont(const QSGFont &f, double dpi=72.0)QSDrvQt [static]
toQPen(const QSGLine &p)QSDrvQt [static]
toQSGColor(const QColor &c)QSDrvQt [static]
toQSGFill(const QBrush &b)QSDrvQt [static]
toQSGFont(const QFont &f, const QColor &c, double dpi=72.0)QSDrvQt [static]
toQSGLine(const QPen &p)QSDrvQt [static]
VertexColors enum value (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv
VertexNormals enum value (defined in QSDrv)QSDrv
~QSCanvasDrv()QSCanvasDrv [virtual]
~QSDrv()QSDrv [virtual]
~QSDrvQt()QSDrvQt [virtual]

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