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QSCurve Member List

This is the complete list of members for QSCurve, including all inherited members.
_log(double value, double logBase=10.0)QSGraphicalData [inline, protected]
allocRuntimeData()QSCurve [protected, virtual]
Area enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
arrow1() constQSCurve [inline]
arrow1Property() constQSCurve [inline]
arrow2() constQSCurve [inline]
arrow2Property() constQSCurve [inline]
arrowColumnFormat(int column)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
arrowFromData(QSMatrix *source, int row, int start_col, const QSGArrow &default_value)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
ArrowStyles enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
axisRemoved(QSData *object)QSPlot [protected, virtual, slot]
Bars enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
BaseFill enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
BaseLine enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
channelCount() constQSGraphicalData [inline, virtual]
Channels enum nameQSCurve
channelVariable(int channel) constQSCurve [virtual]
child(int index) constQSData [inline, virtual]
childCount() constQSData [inline, virtual]
childIndex(QSData *child) constQSData [virtual]
colorColumnFormat(int column)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
colorFromData(QSMatrix *source, int row, int start_col, const QSGColor &default_value)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
ColumnAlpha enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnArrowStyle enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnBlue enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnBool enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnByte enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnDX enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnDY enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnFillStyle enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnFontBold enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnFontFamily enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnFontItalic enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnFontSize enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnGreen enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnInt enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnLineStyle enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnPointFill enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnPointStyle enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnRed enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnSize enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnString enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
columnType(int channel, int column) constQSCurve [virtual]
ColumnType enum nameQSData
ColumnUnknown enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnV enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnWidth enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnX enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnY enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
ColumnZ enum value (defined in QSData)QSData
dataChanged(int channel=-1)QSCurve [protected, virtual]
QSPlot2D::dataChanged(QSData *object, int channel=-1)QSData [protected, virtual]
dataChanging(int channel=-1)QSData [virtual]
dataChanging(QSData *object, int channel=-1)QSData [protected, virtual]
dataToWorld(const QSPt2f &p) constQSPlot
dataToWorld(const QSPt3f &p) constQSPlot
dataToWorldV(const QSPt3f &p) constQSPlot
defaultAxis(int axisType) constQSPlot [inline]
defaultVAxis() constQSPlot [inline]
defaultXAxis() constQSPlot [inline]
defaultYAxis() constQSPlot [inline]
defaultZAxis() constQSPlot [inline]
deleteMatrix(int channel)QSGraphicalData [virtual]
drawLegendItem(const QSPt2f &pos, QSDrv *drv)QSCurve [virtual]
DXVector enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
DYVector enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
Ellipses enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
end()QSCurve [protected, virtual]
ErrorLine enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
ErrorLineStyles enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
fill(int e) constQSGraphicalData [inline]
fillColumnFormat(int column)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
fillCount() constQSGraphicalData [inline]
FillElement enum nameQSCurve
fillFromData(QSMatrix *source, int row, int start_col, const QSGFill &default_value)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
FillStyles enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
fixedDelta() constQSCurve [inline]
fixedDX() constQSCurve [inline]
fixedDY() constQSCurve [inline]
Flux enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
font(int e) constQSGraphicalData [inline]
fontColumnFormat(int column)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
fontCount() constQSGraphicalData [inline]
fontFromData(QSMatrix *source, int row, int start_col, const QSGFont &default_value)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
freeRuntimeData()QSCurve [protected, virtual]
getAxisRange(QSAxis *axis, double &min, double &max)QSCurve [protected, virtual]
gradient() constQSPlot [inline]
gradientProperty() constQSPlot [inline]
initAttributeTables(int fonts_num, int fills_num, int lines_num, int points_num)QSGraphicalData [protected]
initChannelTable(int channels_num)QSGraphicalData [protected]
isChannel(int channel) constQSGraphicalData
LeftStairs enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
legendItemSize(QSDrv *drv)QSCurve [virtual]
legendItemVisible() constQSPlot [inline]
line(int e) constQSGraphicalData [inline]
lineColumnFormat(int column)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
lineCount() constQSGraphicalData [inline]
LineElement enum nameQSCurve
lineFromData(QSMatrix *source, int row, int start_col, const QSGLine &default_value)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
Lines enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
LineStyles enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
loadStateFromStream(QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)QSCurve [virtual]
m_axes (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected]
m_bkg_handler (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected]
m_busy (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected]
m_channelsQSGraphicalData [protected]
m_channels_count (defined in QSGraphicalData)QSGraphicalData [protected]
m_cpos (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected]
m_csize (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected]
m_curr_dpi (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected]
m_daxes (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected]
m_drv (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected]
m_gradient (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected]
m_is_legend (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected]
m_parent_base_object (defined in QSGraphicalData)QSGraphicalData [protected]
m_parent_object (defined in QSData)QSData [protected]
m_proj (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected]
m_settingsQSGraphicalData [protected]
m_title_str (defined in QSGraphicalData)QSGraphicalData [protected]
matrix(int channel) constQSGraphicalData [virtual]
matrixCols(int channel) constQSGraphicalData [inline]
matrixRows(int channel) constQSGraphicalData [inline]
MiddleStairs enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
nameChanged(QSData *object, const char *newName) (defined in QSData)QSData [protected, virtual]
objectName() constQSData [inline]
parametersChanged()QSGraphicalData [protected, virtual]
parametersChanging()QSGraphicalData [protected, virtual]
parentAxes() constQSAxesChild [inline]
parentObject() constQSData [inline, virtual]
percentDelta() constQSCurve [inline]
percentDX() constQSCurve [inline]
percentDY() constQSCurve [inline]
pObject() constQSCurve [inline]
point(int e) constQSGraphicalData [inline]
pointColumnFormat(int column)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
pointCount() constQSGraphicalData [inline]
PointElement enum nameQSCurve
pointFromData(QSMatrix *source, int row, int start_col, const QSGPoint &default_value)QSGraphicalData [protected, static]
PointMark enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
PointStyles enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
posInfo(QSPt2f &pos)QSCurve [virtual]
QSAxesChild(QSAxes *parentAxes, const char *name=0)QSAxesChild
QSCurve(QSAxes *parent, const char *name=0)QSCurve
QSData(QObject *parent=NULL, QSData *parentObject=NULL, const char *name=0)QSData
QSGraphicalData(QObject *parent=0, QSGraphicalData *parentObject=0, const char *name=0)QSGraphicalData
QSPlot(QSAxes *parentAxes=0, const char *name=0)QSPlot
QSPlot2D(QSAxes *parentAxes, const char *name=0)QSPlot2D
Rectangles enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
Ribbon enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
RightStairs enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
saveStateToStream(QDataStream &stream, QSObjectFactory *factory)QSCurve [virtual]
SeriesType enum nameQSCurve
setArrow1(const QSGArrow &astyle)QSCurve
setArrow1Property(const QString &value)QSCurve [inline]
setArrow2(const QSGArrow &astyle)QSCurve
setArrow2Property(const QString &value)QSCurve [inline]
setDefaultAxis(QSAxis *axis)QSPlot
setDefaultVAxis(int axisIndex)QSPlot
setDefaultXAxis(int axisIndex)QSPlot
setDefaultYAxis(int axisIndex)QSPlot
setDefaultZAxis(int axisIndex)QSPlot
setFill(int e, const QSGFill &fill)QSGraphicalData
setFixedDelta(const QSPt2f &delta)QSCurve
setFixedDX(double value)QSCurve
setFixedDY(double value)QSCurve
setFont(int e, const QSGFont &font)QSGraphicalData
setGradient(const QSGGradient &gradient)QSPlot
setGradientProperty(const QString &string)QSPlot
setLegendItemVisible(bool visible)QSPlot
setLine(int e, const QSGLine &line)QSGraphicalData
setMatrix(int channel, QSMatrix *m)QSGraphicalData [virtual]
setObjectName(const char *name)QSData [virtual]
setPercentDelta(const QSPt2f &delta)QSCurve
setPercentDX(double value)QSCurve
setPercentDY(double value)QSCurve
setPObject(QSSegment *po)QSCurve
setPoint(int e, const QSGPoint &point)QSGraphicalData
setTitle(const QString &title)QSGraphicalData
setType(int type)QSCurve
setZeroLevelX(double x)QSCurve
setZeroLevelY(double y)QSCurve
setZeroPoint(const QSPt2f &p)QSCurve
sigChildAdded(QSData *newChild)QSData [signal]
sigChildListChanged()QSData [signal]
sigChildOrder()QSData [signal]
sigChildRemoved(QSData *removedChild)QSData [signal]
sigDataChanged(QSData *thisOrChildObject, int channel)QSData [signal]
sigDeleted(QSData *thisObject)QSData [signal]
sigNameChanged(const char *name)QSData [signal]
sigNameChanged(QSData *thisOrChildObject, const char *name)QSData [signal]
sigTitleChanged(const QString &newTitle)QSGraphicalData [signal]
start()QSCurve [protected, virtual]
step()QSCurve [protected, virtual]
takeMatrix(int channel, QSMatrix *newMatrix)QSGraphicalData [virtual]
title() constQSGraphicalData [inline]
type() constQSCurve [inline]
User enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
value(int row, int col, int channel)QSGraphicalData [inline]
Vectors enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
work_steps (defined in QSPlot)QSPlot [protected, static]
worldToData(const QSPt2f &p) constQSPlot
worldToData(const QSPt3f &p) constQSPlot
worldToDataV(const QSPt3f &p) constQSPlot
XLine enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
XLineStyles enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
XVector enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
YLine enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
YLineStyles enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
YVector enum value (defined in QSCurve)QSCurve
zeroLevelX() constQSCurve [inline]
zeroLevelY() constQSCurve [inline]
zeroPoint() constQSCurve [inline]
~QSAxesChild()QSAxesChild [virtual]
~QSData()QSData [virtual]
~QSGraphicalData()QSGraphicalData [virtual]
~QSPlot()QSPlot [virtual]
~QSPlot2D()QSPlot2D [virtual]
~QSSerializable()QSSerializable [virtual]

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